Pearland Crossfit was the first CrossFit gym established in Pearland, Texas after training athletes at Tom Bass Park for just under a year. We are the most experienced gym in Pearland and have a combined 20 years of CrossFit experience between our 2 owners and almost 18 years including our 4 other coaches. With many of our owners and coaches being involved in CrossFit since its early beginnings, we believe that it is our experience that sets us apart from other gyms. The broad nature of CrossFit training requires a high level of coaching proficiency across many movements and workout structures, a proficiency that one is only able to gain through the experience.
At Pearland CrossFit, we strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages fitness not only as a singular goal, but as a sustainable lifestyle. Whether your goals are to make that life-saving decision to live a healthy and active lifestyle, increasing your general fitness level, losing weight, or training as a CrossFit
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